Assenti, LLC, a Micro/Nanotechnology company has the ability to provide fabrication and design services for numerous MEMS, microelectronic, electro-optic and nanotechnology applications. Services begin at the device design level and continue through single-step processing, complete device prototyping and limited-scale production.
Assenti was founded in 2002. In 2003, Assenti became a Limited Liability company and received its first two government sponsored grants in the same year. Assenti has received over $1.8M in grants to date. Assenti currently employs ten people, including seven engineers, two business professionals and one ophthalmologist.
Products and Services:
Pressure Sensors
Planar RFID Coils
Custom Electronic Design
RFID Circuits
Custom PCB Layout and Design
Electro/Mechanical Simulation
Why should you choose Assenti?
Assenti, LLC, is a privately held company.
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